Hi, I’m Meg

Photograph of Meg Morrissey


I have a Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information, focusing on Preservation of Information. I have experience in digital asset management, records management, standards creation and management, taxonomy development, cataloging, finding aid creation, analog and digital preservation, reference, instruction, and record creation.

I live in Los Angeles and work for a studio as the Senior Data Librarian for their digital asset management (DAM) system. I manage the taxonomy and metadata schemas, and I work with our engineering team and librarians from integrated platforms to ensure our systems play well together. I also work with our users to ensure the metadata is what they need it to be – clean, unique, and stable. My goal is for every user, from our power users to our casual browsers, to have a smooth experience uploading and retrieving assets.

My Website is a great place to expand on things I can only touch on in a resumé or cover letter. Poke around to learn a bit more about me. And if you like, contact me to find out more.