Hi, I’m Meg


I have a Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information, focusing on Preservation of Information. I have experience in digital asset management, records management, standards creation and management, taxonomy development, cataloging, finding aid creation, analog and digital preservation, reference, instruction, and record creation.

I am currently the Senior DAM Architect and Manager of Professional Services at MediaValet, the leading cloud-based DAM. I work both with the clients and the internal team to ensure that we’re following best practices for DAM UI and functionality, as well as metadata structure and client’s custom taxonomies. My team includes taxonomists and DAM Advisors who know a ton about DAM and can work directly with clients to improve their ROI. I build relationships with partners, write documentation, and speak at conferences and on webinars. It’s a good time.

As the co-chair of the Language Metadata Table, I oversee a language standard used across media and entertainment along with Yonah Levenson and Jaclyn Zepnick. LMT is based on IETF BCP 47, which is flexible and can cover pretty much any use case you have. When things get thorny, and of course they do, we lean on an engaged community of experts to hammer out the details.

My Website is a great place to expand on things I can only touch on in a resumé or cover letter. Poke around to learn a bit more about me. And if you like, contact me to find out more.