Hi, I’m Meg

Headshot of Meg in front of trees, smiling up at the sky


I have a Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information, focusing on Preservation of Information. I have experience in digital asset management, records management, standards creation and management, taxonomy development, information architecture, product management, and project management.

As a member of the Language Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group, I support a metadata specification used across media and entertainment, along with folks from M&E, language experts, and managers of other standards using LMT for their language specification. LMT is based on IETF BCP 47, which is flexible and can cover pretty much any use case you have. When things get thorny, and of course they do, we lean on an engaged community of experts to hammer out the details.

I’ve been in the information management and software space for over a decade, working with clients like Disney and KraftHeinz to create sophisticated workflows harnessing the power of their DAMs. I’m obsessed with metadata, and I’ve worked with Disney and Netflix to make metadata models that allow both asset creators and end users (along with partner systems) to locate and use the best asset for the job. I had the pleasure of working directly with the team at MediaValet, a leading cloud-based DAM, to improve their features and help their clients build successful DAM programs. I’m currently launching a DAM for United Airlines to manage their photography, and it’s a joy. I’ve been around the block, and I love nothing more than to use that experience to help organizations increase their impact.

My Website is a great place to expand on things I can only touch on in a resumé or cover letter. Poke around to learn a bit more about me. And if you like, check out my LinkedIn profile below to find out more.